Gurminder Sikand


1984-85                       Midland View 3

                                    Nottingham and Touring

1985                            Three Asian Artists

                                    Commonwealth Institute


1985-86                       Eastern Views.  New Walk Museum, Leicester,  and Touring


1986                           Myth, Moon and Muslin

                                    Mansfield Community Arts Centre

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


                                    Artists Showcase

                                     Nottingham Castle Museum

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


                                    Artists in Industry

                                    Nottingham Castle Museum and Touring


                                    Artists in Handsworth

                                    Ikon Gallery and Touring


1986-87                       The Element Within

                                    Bonington Gallery, Trent Polytechnic


1987                            Paintings by Gurminder Sikand

                                    Sisterwrite, London

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


                                    Gurminder Sikand & Sutapa Biswas

                                    Axiom Gallery, Cheltenham


                                    Drawings by East Midlands Arts

                                    Award Winners

                                    Clock Yard, Derby


1988-89                       Black Art: Plotting the Course

                                    Oldham Art Gallery and Touring


1989                            Avatars  of Power

                                    Flaxman Gallery,Staffordshire Polytechnic

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


                                    Being Here  

                                    Holden Gallery, Manchester Polytechnic


1990                            Let the Canvas Come to Life with Dark Faces

                                    Herbert Art Gallery Coventry, and Touring


                                    Arts in Town

                                    Wolsey Art Gallery, Ipswich


                                    New work on the Ramayana

                                    Castle Museum, Nottingham


1991                            Four Painters

                                    Eastthorpe Gallery, Mirfield


1991-92                       The Circular Dance

                                    Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, and Touring


1992                            Paintings and Drawings by Gurminder Sikand.

                                    Derby Museum and Art Gallery

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


                                    Myth, Dream, and Fable

                                    (with Paula Rego, Amanda Faulkner, Eileen Cooper)

                                    Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.


                                    Fine Material for a Dream? 

                                    Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston; and touring.


                                    Taking Flight

                                    City Art Gallery, Leicester; and the Gill Gallery, London.


                                    Keeping It Together

                                    Pavilion Gallery, Leeds.


                                    The Discerning Eye

                                    The Mall Galleries, London.


1993                            Warm, Rich and Fearless

                                    Castle Museum, Nottingham.



                                    Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham.

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


1994                            Wonderings in Paint

                                    University of Nottingham.

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


                                    Creative Journeys

                                    Huddersfield Museum and Art Gallery.

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


1995                            Maidens, Trees and Deities

                                    Walsall Museum and Art Gallery.

                                    (Solo Exhibition)


                                    Byard Gallery, Nottingham.


                                    Derby Museum & Art Gallery


1996                            Herbert Museum & Art Gallery, Coventry.


                                    Transforming the Crown: African, Asian and Caribbean Artists in Britain, 1966-96.

                                    New York.


2000                            Outside In. Works by Indian Artists Residing outside India

                                    The Air Gallery, London.

2012                            Palimpsest of Desire

                                    New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

                                    (Solo Exhibition)

2015                            The Movement of the Line

                                    Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham. 

2016             University of Nottingham summer exhibition 

    Djanogly Gallery, 9-23 July